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Jessica AKA Ziiie Ziiie was born in Brooklyn, NY. This country musician, proud mother of 2, has a voice so beautiful it could send chills up your spine. Being high in faith made her optimistic with a great vision for her craft. Ziiie Ziiie has ten years of experience with music. The singer/songwriter has the ability to mesmerize others with her soothing yet sultry voice, and when she writes she comes from the heart, with raw emotional deep honesty. She has a spectacular way of turning her poems into songs and is a great add to Estate Entertainment, Record Company.

She has ten years' experience in the modeling industry from having a keen eye for fashion. To walking the runway, showing confidence and passion at her photoshoots, the songstress still finds the time to master the art of cosmetology. Her inspirations come inner city experiences, from a child to adulthood. Michael Jackson, the greatest entertainer in the world as far as she is concerned, amazed her with his music. Knowing all the hard work it takes to makes great music, made her a perfectionist.

This creative artist, Ziiie Ziiie, will strive until the world knows her name. Ziiie Ziiie has a strong love for poetry and that makes it easier for her to express herself and aloud for fans to see the world through her eyes. Growing up in Brooklyn, NY, which is a rough place for most adults, so you could only imagine what it was like for Ziiie Ziiie in her tender years. Growing up in that tough environment made her street savvy. Singing was her only outlet, her stress reliever, place of peace. It gave her the courage to tell the whole world her truth.