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Ugo Obinka was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. Growing up with parents that take education seriously, this Afro Pop Music Artist spent his young adult age studying to be an engineer, however, to become an African music entertainer was always a passion he hoped to pursue.

At the young age of nine, he among a few others were selected to participate in his primary school Christmas carol from 1993-95. That was when he, as well as his parents, discovered his love for music and creating African songs and sounds. Although not much was done afterwards, he found himself writing articles and songs some of which were published in the daily news.

Ugo relocated to NY/NJ to further his studies and pursue his dreams of being an accomplished musician and businessman. His style of music is eccentric as it’s a combination of Afro and pop sounds. He was inspired by artists such as Pharrell Williams, Will-I-Am, Lady Gaga, Sade Adu and Fela Kuti. These artists helped him find his own style. His lyrical content is well structured and reflects his versatility with poetry and the use of Pidgin English and of course, his background. He composes lyrics with an idea of the beat already in mind, which makes him a producer in the making.

Ugo appreciates all kinds of music genres and is more inspired by content and talent. He hopes to create an Afro Pop audience around the world and subsequently collaborates with artists of other genres with similar enthusiasm. He understands the importance of hard work and persistence and is particularly inspired by his father and Lagos, the city where he grew up. Ugo is currently performing in Bayonne, Newark, Jersey City, NJ, and New York areas.


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