Estate Entertainment Welcomes Up and Coming R&B Artist “MahJ”

MahJ (em-ah-jay) - R&B Music Artist

Boriquan; Brooklyn raised songstress/songwriter MahJ has only one dream and goal: To make a powerful positive difference in the world with her music, the way music has always been a healing transformative constant in her life.

MahJ stands for MUSIC•ADVERSITY•HEALING•JOY as well as the 4 initials to her name. This R&B music artist starting singing/performing at 3 years old, penned her first song at 11; offered to perform at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, joined a dance/performance company at 14 & was also the youngest freshman in high school a part of their senior-level Concert Chorus which she stayed with all throughout high school. Even before graduating she performed a full Mozart concert at Brooklyn College before even attending as an elected Vocal Performance Major. 

MahJ attended the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music on scholarship at 17 years old. 

Experienced pure joy within musicals, solos and dance shows throughout high school where she learned discipline, driven work ethic and invaluable acting, performing and of course singing skills while staying inspired to prolifically pen new songs by the dozen each month.

MUSIC has always been and is her life! That, and her mom's homemade cooking and food in which her excuse for being a foodie was that it gives her all the energy to perform as fully and powerfully in leaving it all on the stage and then some. 

MahJ has performed on live television, on and off-Broadway all within NYC. She also performed overseas in Egypt for private events.  She is currently performing in Bayonne, Newark, Jersey City, Brooklyn and other areas in the Tri-state area... According to her, this is only the appetizer. She is just getting started! 

So stay tuned to witness her bring the fire. MahJ is sure to leave her audience in awe to #StayHungryFilledINSPIRED 


MahJ (em-ah-jay)



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MahJ - this is just a clip of her voice... Whoa!!! We can't wait for her single!!