Anthony AKA LittySwag, was born March 22nd in Orange, New Jersey. He’s been rapping for 7 years. He grew up in a house that loved hip hop artist & R&B artists such as; Eminem, Nas, Jay-Z, Tupac, Biggie, SWV, Beyoncé, Prince, and just naming a few. He always studied his mom as she sang and rap various songs. His mother's love for music showed him how to rap on point. When he was 14, He started to teach himself how to write music and through the years he started to grow and learn how to write his own lyrics. He writes from the heart of what He’s been through in life. Some would say his name matches his sound because he’s a humble man with inner city swag. His father died when he was 16, it took a toll on his family, so he end up becoming the man of the house, just to put food on the table. Through all the struggle, he never lost his passion for making great music.

He started going around doing local shows showing his skill to all different type of people from coast to coast, & local party’s so his not new to the stage life. LittySwag hasn't yet open up for any big names but he proves that he serious about his music every day, and he’s growing every day as an artist. His sound is rich, his voice fits to any sound and there's no type of music he won’t do. The question is not if he’s ready, but is the game ready for him because he’s coming to take over the world and nothing less.