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ESTATE Entertainment - MUSIC INFO

Our Mission

 Our Mission is to offer a spiritual and welcoming environment:

  • Our artists cultivate their craft, to the forefront of their area in the industry. 
  • Our team is experienced and knowledgeable.
  • Estate will produce outstanding music that is culturally rich and diverse for all genres.

About Us

Estate Entertainment has a Record Company as part of our services. As a whole our business is unbiased, we do not see color, gender, size etc. Our team of music artist, producers is open to all genres of music, we want our consumers to hear something different. The Co-Owners of Estate Entertainment are entertainers and have a vast knowledge of the music entertainment industry, so they understand the wariness you might have because of the challenges artist, record labels and the entertainment business face. Estate Entertainment is a spiritual establishment, we will make it our duty for you to build and perfect your craft, as well as feel free enough to make the music you as our Artist wish to make; within reason. 

We are always looking for raw, new talent in Bayonne, Newark, Jersey City and worldwide. People who have our passion and understanding that each genre represents culture and diversity through sound. Music opens your mind, it is a high form of entertainment, it makes for better ideas and it also plays such a huge role in many, if not all areas of our lives. Our label will acquire talent that will forefront areas of the industry. Our artists have full use of the companies’ resources and support, for example, background dancers, studio time, photo shoots, and more! 

We want you to be able to create great music that will last for generations to come.